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When YOU

Owner occupying property a/o Jan. 1 of tax yr.

Do not have an active Homestead anywhere

Official Picture ID matches address to be filed

Late filing is permitted &

May be eligible for refund

No Homestead Filing =

Over Paying YOUR Property Taxes

Homestead Power

1. Filed for FREE and reviewed annually

2. Protection from Creditors

3. Reduction in Property Tax bill

4. Limits Valuation Increases Annually

5. May reduce YOUR Monthly Mortgage    Payment

6. Over 65 Freezes School Tax Bill

7. Over 65 expands $$$ Value of Exemption

Texas Homeowners - Did you Know:

  • EXEMPTIONS are NOT granted Automatically --- YOU MUST APPLY !!!
  • The Homestead Exemption is the Most Common and Easiest to Get
  • The SINGLE MOST VALUABLE form to file, once you Buy a Home, is YOUR HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION form !!
  • Properly timed and filed Homestead Exemption form Protects Your Home from most Creditors
  • Homestead Exempts a portion of Your Property Value from Taxation = Lower Property Tax Bill
  • Homestead Exemption will Limit how fast the Taxable Value may Increase each Year

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